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Responsible Service of Alcohol                                                                             

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is an issue taken very seriously by the Mount Eliza Country Club. We are mindful of observing both the spirit and the letter of the law regarding liquor licensing obligations.

Patrons are reminded that all bar staff of the club have the support of the current committee members if service is refused. The operation of the MECC bar is their province entirely.

The Mount Eliza Country Club has always been aware of the issues and complications surrounding the provision of alcohol. The Club is conscious of its responsible use at the bar by constantly addressing such ongoing important issues.

Alcohol is an established part of our society, and part of the way many Australians choose to relax. Used in moderation, there are minimal problems. However, if used irresponsibly, alcohol can affect both the person drinking it, and those they come into contact with. 

To help ensure everyone attending the MECC has an enjoyable and safe time, the MECC committee, along with their bar staff, has introduced a range of strategies around the responsible supply and service of alcohol.

These include:

  • All staff are required to undergo Responsible Service of Alcohol training
  • Prohibiting patrons from bringing their own alcohol to the club
  • Ensuring that liquor licensing law is observed at all times
  • Refusing service of alcohol to patrons under the age of 18 years
  • Refusing service of intoxicated patrons
  • Low and non-alcoholic drinks are made available from all bar areas at all times
  • Closing the bar early on certain event days
Of course for these strategies to work, patrons must also play their part. We thank you for assisting us in our responsible service of alcohol at all times. 


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