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Rules & Regulations


1. Notices to members are duly served if posted or emailed to the address of the member as registered with the Club. It is the responsibility of a member to communicate in writing to the secretary any change of address of that member.

2. If a member has an email address, such address should be provided to the Secretary.


3. The annual subscription is to be the amount fixed by resolution of the committee.

4. The committee may refuse and reject any subscription thereby terminating the membership of that member.

5. Any subscription overdue in excess of three months may lead to the issue of a default notice to the member. If the default continues for a further month then the member's name may be struck off the roll of members.


6. The Committee shall consist of seven ordinary members each elected for not less than 36 months together with ex officio members. At each AGM two such members shall retire.

7. Ex officio members of the committee include the President, the Vice President and the immediate past President for the 12 months following his retirement.


8. Liquor may be sold for consumption off the premises. In such a case the liqour must not be consumed on club premises.

9. Liquor can only be supplied to a visitor in the presence of the host member.


10. Provisional and Junior Members are not entitled to introduce a guest.

11. The sponsoring member must ensure that the appropriate details are recorded in the visitor's book.

12. Members are responsible for the behaviour of visitors introduced by them to the club and must ensure that the dress and behaviour of the visitor complies with club standards. Where a visitor is in breach of this regulation, the committee may call upon the sponsoring member to show cause why he should not be held to account for the conduct in question.


13. Members and visitors shall comply with the dress code as set down by the committee from time to time for the main bar and for the back bar.

14. Mobile phones may not be used in the area of the bar but may be used in other areas not to the disturbance of others.

15. Conduct in the club premises must:

a. be consistent with character interests and welfare of the club;

b. not include language that is loud vulgar or defamatory of members, visitors or staff;

c. not be of a nature that is threatening to members, visitors or staff;


16. The committee may fine caution admonish suspend or expel a member who violates the rules and or regulations of the club either;

a. after calling upon such member to justify the conduct in question in writing and/or to a meeting of the committee;

b. or in a flagrant and urgent case may immediately suspend or expel the member.


17. It is a term of the club liquor licence that all vehicles enter the premises only via Old Mornington Road and exit the premises only via the side road, Allfrey Ct. Failure to comply with this requirement is a disciplinary offence.


18. The club premises may be hired out to ordinary members for function purposes booked by the Club and under the control of the Club staff on the evening. Bookings are to made via the Secretary.

19. All requirements imposed for a function by the Secretary must be obeyed.

20. Appropriate security personnel must be on hand at such functions at the expense of those holding the function.

21. An ordinary member is to be in attendance throughout any function. It the responsibility of the hosting member to either be present throughout the function or to ensure the attendance of an ordinary member in lieu.

22. The premises and property are to be returned at the end of the function in a condition to the satisfaction of the Secretary.

23. All of these Regulations apply to such functions.

Complaints Procedures

24. Any complaint or grievance regarding breaches of the Rules or of these regulations is to be reported as soon as practical to a committee member or where a committee member is not available then to a senior bar staff then present. Members are not to deal directly with the alleged offender except in case of extreme urgency.

25. The details of any such grienace or complaint are to entered in the Complaints Book held by the bar staff as soon as practicable.

Incident Reporting

26. Where an incident on club premises results in personal injury or damage to prepoerty then:

a. an entry must once be made in the Incident Register by any member involved in or witness to such incident.

b. Contact must be made as soon as practicable with the most senior committee member immediately available detailing such incident.

Provisional Membership

27. The seven classifications of membership appear in the Club Rules. The Committee may accept applications for Town or Country Membership on a provisional basis or on an ordinary membership basis. Such members as are accepted on a provisional basis shall be known as Provisional Members until granted ordinary membership.

28. The provisional member must be a current playing member with an approved affiliated sporting club.

29. The annual fee for a provisional member shall be decided by the Committee from time to time.

30. The Register of Members referred to in clause 9 of the Constitution shall contain the required details of provisional members. The Register shall clearly delineate those members whose applications has been provisionally accepted.

31. The provisions of the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Club shall apply to provisional members except as follows in these Regulations.

32. Visitors: No provisional member shall introduce any guest.

33. Reciprocal rights: No provisional member shall have the right of reciprocal membership to any affiliated club.

34. Meetings: No provisional member shall have the right to attend, vote at by proxy or otherwise, any meeting of the the club membership.

35. Committee membership: No provisional member shall be entitled to be elected to the committee.

36. Sport and games: A provisional member shall be entitled to participate in any club activity. However the result of such activity by such a member shall not be officially recognised by the club and no such provisional member shall be entitled to any reward from or on behalf of the club in respect of such activity except where specifically otherwise authorised by or on behalf of the committee either before or after such activity.

37. Junior Members must be aged between 18 and 23 and undertaking full time study or apprenticeship.

38. Once a junior member ceases full time study or apprenticeship, then the member becomes an ordinary member.

39. Junior members are subject to the provisions of Regulations 26-37 above and otherwise to the Constitution Rules and Regulations of the Club

Current Committee of the Mount Eliza Country Club are as follows:

 President        Warren Walsh                                                                                           
 Vice President / Secretary        Matthew Troy
 Treasurer        Adam Hollyock
 General Committee        Andrew Melas
 General Committee        Greg Shenton
 General Committee        Anthony Byrne
 General Committee        Rob Haworth


(03) 9787 1139


32 Old Mornington Rd, Mt Eliza, VIC, 3930

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